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If you need chimney repointing or leadwork services – you are in safe hands with P & A Doherty Builders. As expert roofers, we understand the importance of making sure your chimney is water-tight and structurally sound. The nature of chimneys means they are more susceptible than other parts of your roof to damage and, over time, can become unstable. As specialists in roofing work, we offer chimney repointing and leadwork services throughout St Albans and wider Hertfordshire to both domestic and commercial customers. Our roof technicians are very highly trained and work on properties of all shapes and sizes, bringing the same level of professionalism to every project they undertake.

Expert Chimney Repointing

You probably do not give your chimney much thought day-to-day; however, it is vital to recognise the signs your chimney has become compromised. Below are several issues it could be worth getting a professional to take a closer look:

Chimney repointing involves repairing the mortar joints between the bricks and stone for stability and prevent water from penetrating your home. It is skilled work requiring the masonry expertise of a professional roofer. As a business, we are fully qualified to perform chimney repointing and pride ourselves on our exceptionally high standards that leave your chimney as good as new.

Leadwork Roofing Specialists

Leadwork roofing, including step flashing, is applied to the base of chimneys and where the wall meets your roof tiles. The highly durable material creates a watertight seal, protecting your home from the elements. However, over time, lead flashing can weaken, exposing gaps where water, debris and pests can access your loft.

Our team is highly experienced in carrying out leadwork and offers this specialist service to domestic and commercial customers throughout St Albans and beyond. We have the tools and skills to cut lead to fit and apply it to roofs and chimneys correctly so it will last for many years.

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There are several reasons customers turn to us for our services:

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